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Welcome To The Church Conference

A church is more than just walls – it's a living, breathing organism sustained by the faith and commitment of its members.

We're thrilled to welcome you to The Church Conference: a dynamic gathering focused on one central mission – building strong foundations within our church community, across our association.

March 10-13

6:30 PM Nightly


Why Have This Conference

Doesn't the path of being a disciple sometimes appear unclear? Certainly, we comprehend that our role involves progressing as followers of Christianity and aiding others in achieving the same. However, the process of spiritual advancement frequently appears indistinct. Moreover, as leaders within the church, we often find ourselves thinking that we've exhausted every strategy, Bible study, and small group in our attempts to facilitate people's growth. This leads us to question whether any real transformation is taking place.

The journey of discipleship might not be as systematic as an instruction manual or as straightforward as a map's directions. Nevertheless, we possess a clear understanding of what characterizes a disciple, how disciples behave and think, and the outcomes they bring about—all because of our familiarity with Jesus. He stands as our exemplar, offering lucidity to the concept of discipleship. Whenever we turn to Jesus, our comprehension of discipleship gains clarity.





The Church Conference Collective:

The Church Conference Collective is a gathering of Christ-loving individuals, united by a shared devotion to worship through music. Comprising members from both within and beyond our congregation,  this ensemble is not bound by titles or elaborate stage setups but by a common desire to glorify

God through heartfelt praise.

Assembled specifically for The Church Conference, the Church Conference Collective embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration. Their mission is simple: to create an atmosphere of reverence and joy through the transformative power of worship. Each member brings their unique talents and gifts to the forefront, contributing to a collective work of worship that will speak directly to the

hearts of those who attend.


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Registration & Location

What sessions do you plan on participating in?

Church Conference
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